We have permanently discontinued all dropship services and closed this program. Our website is no longer functioning and will not accept any new orders or client applications.



  • What exactly to you guys do? You can take a look at what we offer to retailers on our services page.
  • How can we contact you? You can send us a quick email using our online contact form or via phone at 1-888-827-4430. We're located just outside of Minneapolis, MN so we're on U.S. Central Time
  • I don't have a business, but I want to buy some of your items. Where can I get them? Just search for the item you want on google. Chances are that it's coming from our warehouse.


Will my company qualify for a dropship account? Most online retailers located inside the United States and Canada will qualify for an account. We offer free accounts to established retailers and a monthly paid plan for smaller retailers. If you sell adult products on your site, your business will not qualify for an account at this time ... sorry.

How much does it cost to join your dropship program? Our program is free for very high volume retailers (big box, industry-leading e-commerce retailers). For smaller retailers, we offer our program for $8.99 / month. This fee will be waived if you decide to subscribe to our Shopify dropshipping app or any of our optional software / data file add-ons for other online store software.

That sucks that I have to pay an account maintenance fee. I'm just a small company trying to make a business for myself. Why do I have to pay that? We'll be totally honest with you. We're not excited about this fee either. In the past, we simply would not allow smaller companies into our program. We just rejected the accounts. We always felt horrible when we did this because we're a family run business and understand the dream of running your own company. Adding new clients costs money for additional web hosting, account set-up, customer service, verifying your accounts with our licensed manufacturers and other technology costs. This small fee helps us be able to offer this program to more retailers. If you make 2 sales per month, you should be able to cover your costs.

Is there any differences in your policies or product pricing for your basic and enterprise accounts? Absolutely not! Our smaller retailers get our enterprise level pricing and all the benefits and service as our largest retailers.

How do you collect our monthly account maintenance fee? This is typically done by setting up an automated monthly payment via paypal.com or a credit card.

Can I cancel my membership if things don't work out? Yes, of course. Just let us know and we'll get your account closed down and cancel your subscription.


Do you offer any data feeds or other tools to add products to my site? Yes! We offer an entire suite of CSV data feeds that are automatically updated when we make a change to our product catalog. They also contain inventory data for all products. Inventory data is updated a few times daily.

Can you guys help me format the data to upload into my specific website software? No, sorry but we do not support data manipulation for specific shopping carts. We have 100s of clients that have 100s of different types of websites. We just don't have the manpower to support every shopping cart out there. We offer you rich product data in an industry standard CSV file format that can be edited in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. If you need help, I would suggest contacting a developer or the tech support for the company that made your shopping cart software.

How can I check to see if an item is in stock in real time? Easy... just add the item to your cart on our website start the checkout process. If you don't get an out-of-stock note, it's in stock and ready to ship.

Do you accept backorders for out-of-stock items? To be honest, this really shouldn't be much of an issue. If you can place your order on the site, the item should be in stock. If we had a mistake with an inventory count or something like that, we'll contact you right away to let you know.

How do I send my orders to you? For retailers with a history of sending us less than 10 orders per day, you can simply log in to your account on our site and place the order on our website. If you're company is doing more business than 10 orders per day with us, give us a call for additional options (CSV file, FTP, email, etc).


  • How much do you guys charge to ship to our customers and how long does it take to get to them? Most orders ship in less than 2 days. Most orders ship within 24 hours. You can view all of our shipping costs and times on our shipping information page.
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, we currently offer international shipping to dozens of industrialized countries in the world. You can see more information and download an international shipping cost rate table on our shipping information page
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  • Where do you guys ship from? All items in our program ship from our warehouse space in Rogers, MN. That's just about 20 miles from Minneapolis.
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