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We do not sell to the general public. An approved account is required to view pricing and to place orders. Dropship services are available to businesses with a tax ID (reseller) number in their state. We offer a free program for retailers making more than 100 sales per month and a paid program ($14.99 per month) for smaller retailers. Smaller retailers will be moved to a free account after their first 10 orders. For more info, visit our pricing page. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, please apply for a new account.


If your company currently has an approved account with us, please login here.


  • Direct to consumer dropship fulfillment with no minimum order.
  • True distributor pricing.
  • Fast and low cost shipping
  • Datafeeds, FTP, inventory CSV files, image zip files and more!
  • Fast-selling dropship band t-shirts & licensed merchandise from music, comics, TV & movies!
  • Expanded services for larger and enterprise level retailers.
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  • Free for established retailers.
  • $14.99 / month for small retailers & start-ups then FREE after 10 orders.
  • Extremely competitive dropship pricing.
  • Low flat-rate shipping prices ensure you know your margins before the sale!
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  • Founded in 2002, Rockline Enterprises is leading the way in a new era of retail, wholesale and dropship music merchandise distribution!
  • Guaranteed authentic licensed band t-shirts and merchandise.
  • Unique dropship distribution services.
  • Currently serving over 3500 retailers worldwide through our dropship and wholesale distribution programs!
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Our Manufacturer Partners


KISS Demon Backpack
KISS Live in Concert Backpack
KISS Rock & Roll All Over 1976 Album Backpack
KISS Painted Faces Rock & Roll Tote Bag
Waylon Jennings Live T-Shirt
The Scorpions Tokyo Tapes T-Shirt
Beastie Boys Check Your Head Flat Bill Snapback Hat
Black Sabbath Purple Angel New Era Snap Back Hat
Rolling Stones Dripping Tongue Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
Sublime Sun Bottle Soft T-Shirt
Kurt Cobain Photo T-Shirt
Beastie Boys Check Your Head Soft T-Shirt
Joe Bonamassa Red Guitar Shot Glasses (2 Pack)
Sublime Logo Stamp Sun Soft T-Shirt
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger T-Shirt
Red Hot Chili Peppers Asterisk Circle T-Shirt

Rockline Dropship is the dropship band merchandise program for online retailers provided by Rockline Enterprises LLC. In addition to our dropship division, we also operate for retailers that wish to make bulk wholesale purchases at manufacturer-direct pricing with no distributor mark-ups (in most cases).

Welcome to the dropship band merchandise division of Rockline Enterprises LLC. This website is provided to qualified online retailers by Rockline Enterprises LLC and is subject to the terms and conditions shown on this website. Rockline Enterprises is based just outside of Minneapolis, MN and was established in 2007. We specialize in the retail, wholesale (B2B), and dropship (B2C) distribution of officially licensed band merchandise, t-shirts, toys, art and collectibles.

We do not sell to the general public through this website. Our dropship t-shirt and band merchandise fulfillment program is only available to qualified business that have registered with us.

Dropship T-Shirt and Band Merch Program Benefits:

  • No Capital Investment - We buy, store and hold all t-shirts and merchandise so you don't have to put money up-front.
  • B2C Dropship - We ship individual t-shirts and other items directly to your retail customers.
  • No Dropship Fees for Established Retailers - This is a true t-shirt dropship fulfillment program for established online retailers. You only pay merchandise and shipping costs on each order. Smaller retailers may be subject to a $14.99 / month account maintenance fee. Please see our pricing page for more information.
  • On-Trend Products  - Our buyers hand pick best-selling band t-shirts, action figures, toys and merchandise for this program to ensure high sell-through rates.
  • Blind shipping - Our name does not show up anywhere on shipping labels or package inserts.
  • Low Dropship Prices - Our pricing is designed to nurture a long-term successful business relationship with your company. We offer true wholesale pricing on all dropship items.
  • Fast Shipping - Dropship orders typically ship 1-3 business days with most orders shipping in 1 day.
  • Simplicity - Program policies and shipping rates are simple and up-front.
  • Real Time Inventory - Our company utilizes a real-time inventory system to keep up-to-the-second data on our dropship t-shirts and merchandise.

Want to know what's new with our program or get tips and tricks written specifically for our dropship clients? Check out for helpful news and info!

ABOUT ROCKLINEDROPSHIP.COM is the home of the dropship division of Rockline Enterprises LLC. Rockline Enterprises LLC is a leader in the wholesale and dropship distribution of licensed band t-shirts, rock music merchandise, and licensed toys. In addition to this dropship t-shirt website, Rockline Enterprises LLC operates a B2B wholesale band merchandise division for retailers that would like to hold their own inventory for their stores. The wholesale division can be found online at

We are committed to be your company's leading source for licensed dropship t-shirts, dropship band merchandise and toys. In addition to our licensed products, we offer online retailers a number of online tools including shopping cart dropship data feeds for Shopify websites, fast inventory updates, image zip files and more.

For time and money-saving tips and tricks, new product announcements and support articles written specifically for clients of, please visit